Make it special with Auberge du Bonheur

Inspiring location

Experience meetings in natural surroundings. Auberge du Bonheur is a venue in Tilburg where fresh ideas can be developed amidst woody surroundings. Enjoy the peace and quiet in comfort. You will not be lacking anything during your business meetings, thanks to our well-appointed rooms and the service provided by our experienced staff. During or after your meeting you can walk into the forest called the Oude Warande to get your share of natural inspiration!

“I would like to state that we were very satisfied indeed with the hospitality enjoyed. We were given a very warm welcome and your colleague Daphne made sure we were not lacking anything at all. Thank you, till next time!” Steven from Tilburg, meeting 16 March 2016


Auberge du Bonheur creates an unforgettable moment of every meeting where something is celebrated. The personal approach of our experienced employees ensures a carefree and smooth running of your festive day. Whether you are celebrating your birthday with your family or a big anniversary with colleagues and acquaintances; we ensure that your party is in detail to your liking.

Baby shower

Have a baby shower to show your newly born baby to everyone at Auberge du Bonheur! No need for you to have visitors at home for months to come, you just need to raise glasses to this new life! All invited children can play freely and safely in our garden or on the edge of the forest called the Oude Warande, while you can pay attention to your guests and need not worry about any food or drinks.


Getting married in the garden of Auberge du Bonheur! Have a lovely reception party, gourmet dinner with family and best friends and finally a great evening full of music with a large or just a small group of friends and family exactly as you would like it. Interested in the possibilities? View the impression!


First of all we wish to offer our condolences on the death of your beloved one.
At Auberge du Bonheur you can reminisce and help each other to say a final farewell to your loved one. Quietly situated in green surroundings Auberge du Bonheur can offer you a choice of suitable rooms available for a private get-together. We can help you arranging a condolences reception so that you have the time to reminisce together with the people invited.


Condolences reception

In addition to coffee, tea and rolls, we can also serve other, more luxurious packages. We can complete your condolences reception to suit your requirements, along with an Auberge du Bonheur hostess in support. She can take over the task of the funeral coach and relieve you of your worries. Please let us know what your wishes and requirements are in this respect.